Ilán Lieberman

For Your Own Safety


Presented at Desiré Saint Phalle Gallery, Mexico City
January – March 2011

For Your Own Safety
Single-channel video
30’ 40’’
Sound editing: Marco Pérez Pasten

Acapulco diamante
Acapulco Diamante
Brass, glass, plants, soil, sand & pebbles
27.4 x 34 x 77.5 inches


LeWitt Cage
Steel, terracotta flower pot, soil and vine
30 x 30 x 30 inches


Steel, hose, mirrors, PET container, soil and succulent plant
35 x 63.6 x 63.6 inches


LeWitt Planter
Public sculpture model for Pushkin Garden, Roma neighborhood, Mexico City
Scale: 1:25

…The fact that a plant is escaping through the bars of a three-dimensional version of a Sol Lewitt drawing (…) constitutes an obvious sculptural translation of that long illustrated report undertaken years ago all along the streets of Mexico City. (…) Much before, when in 1859 and 1860 Désiré Charnay took the first known photographs of Mayan sites on the Yucatan peninsula, they did not have the polished look they do today. On the contrary, trees and plants of all kinds emerged from the carved stones, and sometimes the whole building was covered with an orgy of vegetation. According to the expression established today, nature is back on track.

It is nature’s track that Ilán Lieberman is referring to, as well as to his own confidence, dwindled by the way human stupidity undermines its rights.
For our own safety… it’s urgent that we stop the nonsense.

From the curatorial essay Le vert est la couleur de l’or by Michel Blancsubé